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IDYLIUM Universe

With its exclusive Mineral StoneTM, the latest generation of sintered stone with unique aesthetic-functional performance, IDYLIUM has revolutionized the large format slab sector. IDYLIUM surfaces represent a new type of natural stone slabs (made of 100% natural raw materials) for outdoor applications (cladding for external facades, slabs for outdoor floors, stone for swimming pools…) and indoor applications (bathroom cladding, kitchen cladding, gym, spa…).


Today IDYLIUM goes further, giving life to an ever-expanding universe of complementary and synergistic creative tools: Wallpaper, Integrated Sinks, Blades and Wall Paints.

A new language for design at the service of Architecture.

Everything you need to design​


The original wallpaper collection with the “WOW” effect. 5 stylistic lines, 2 different finishings available, for a total of 15 wall graphics that match the 42 IDYLIUM Mineral StoneTM surfaces.

The range of integrated sinks for design kitchens. No more worktops with discontinuous ceramic or inox supplements: today the kitchen top becomes monolithic, uniform, extremely resistant and beautiful.

The essential cutting tools for sintered stone slabs, specifically designed for IDYLIUM Mineral StoneTM. For machining, cutting and processing IDYLIUM surfaces with the best results.