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IDYLIUM Mineral Stone

The Idyll is the ideal, perfect balance between nature, beauty and technology. It is the dream that drives the explorer towards discovery and innovation. Made of natural raw materials, 100% biodegradable and free of chemical emissions, IDYLIUM mineral stone is a promise of balance. A new language of designing the present and the future.

AVANT GARDE and perfectionism

To IDYLIUM, technology is a creative tool. That is why it is tailor-made, with 95% of processes and machinery exclusive and patented. Our mission is to produce an engineered material from the micro-level to support every design challenge.

passion and respect

IDYLIUM is passion for beauty meant to last over time. This means respect and sustainability. It is a virtuous circularity that minimizes waste and strives to create, where possible, an environmental advantage. We produce mineral stone slabs -also known as sintered stone- in large format with small impact.


Design, research and post-production are Made in Italy, while the production plant is located in L’Alcora, Spain, in the most famous European district for stone processing. Today IDYLIUM is a company with a plant of over 40,000 m2, able to produce up to 2 mln of surface area per year and an international team of over 200 people who collaborate in the worldwide commercial expansion of the company and the management of operations along the Italian-Spanish axis.

IDYLIUM is a case history. 95% of the company’s production machines are brand new and run exclusively at its Spanish plant. In particular, the real exclusives are: the whole tower and the back-press technology – along with its continuous veining kit -, the press able to generate a pressure of 500 kg per cm2, the glazing and decoration, the double-level kiln with temperature peaks up to 1250°C, the fully automated logistic system with a management concept developed exclusively for IDYLIUM and a totally new process automation, never implemented before.


Design, fashion, automotive: the Italian style in which we identify is the one driven by invention, vision, utopia. The ability to break the rules of a know-how that is masterfully dominated. IDYLIUM inherits the culture of experimentation, typical of all creatives who have chased ideas to give them back to the world as objects. Symbols of a lifestyle that the world will never stop dreaming of.

IDYLIUM was born in Milan, the Italian capital of design and the top hub for Made in Italy excellence, the New Economy, and the main international stakeholders and ultimate market trends. IDYLIUM Headquarters and the showroom that will be soon opening, both overlook the Duomo, right in the city center. There are also the Spanish showroom, inside the Castellòn building, and the many others coming soon in Spain, Italy, England, America and China.

the secret language of the logo

The IDYLIUM logo – like many of the greatest architectural works – is built on a secret numerical proportion that describes natural quantities. The proportion between the two highest Italian mountains (Mont Blanc 4810 m and Monte Rosa 4609 m) defines the ratio between the sides of the rectangle in which the IDYLIUM logo is inscribed, in a scale of 1:1.0436103276.