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IDYLIUM Mineral Stone: Eco Design and Circular Economy

Sustainability is – first of all – a design philosophy, it is Eco Design. It means innovating within the perimeter of a virtuous circularity aimed at continuous regeneration rather than waste. It means designing for today’s needs, protecting and promoting the resources necessary for tomorrow’s needs. IDYLIUM is the latest evolution of the so-called sintered stone. It is an innovation that takes inspiration from natural processes to overcome them: a stone composed of atomized recovered materials, 100% natural and therefore biodegradable, which can be produced, recycled and disposed of according to parameters of sustainability never allowed before by any other synthetic product.

New Challenges: Surface Sanitization and Hygienization

Living in a healthy environment is not a privilege but a right. IDYLIUM surfaces are ultra-compact, with a zero degree of porosity. They are immune to bacterial colonies and can be sanitized with the most effective products, without the risk of damaging them. They do not produce emissions, VOC, do not contain resins and chemical substances. They are therefore perfect for environments where extra safety is needed: kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, schools, health facilities.

In the 4.0 quarry of IDYLIUM. The guardians of nature

The company’s production site in Castellón de la Plana is a 3.0 quarry: here the stone is created as in the mountain, through the same processes of melting and pressing only, but it is synthetic stone. No chemical binders or additives but, above all, no extractive activity. Marbles, onyxes and quartzites belong to delicate natural ecosystems, which human activity has irreparably affected. The innovation of IDYLIUM Mineral Stone translates into direct and indirect protection for people and the environment.

Sustainability needs action

Not polluting is not enough: today man is called on to remedy the damage done to nature in decades of impetuous development. IDYLIUM is developing an exclusive formula to give its mineral stone self-cleaning properties with a bactericidal effect. Thanks to this treatment, IDYLIUM will be able to reduce air pollution through photocatalytic oxidation, a natural process that mimics chlorophyll photosynthesis: it is the same effect that you would get by planting a forest in the city.

Aesthetics means Ethics

Producing buildings that do not pollute, or rather clean up the air, is an ethical approach to innovation: this is the direction taken by IDYLIUM with its Mineral Stone. But there is another side to sustainability, and it is the aesthetic one: buildings and furnishings whose style does not easily go out of fashion are replaced more rarely, and thus help to reduce waste. For IDYLIUM, beauty is a form of eternity.