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The unfathomable depth of the infinite white

From the most ancient lands of the planet comes the inspiration for a new product made in IDYLIUM. A new story to tell: The Duomo Surface Collection – the Digital Ultra Definition – is joined by Via Lattea, the marmoreal white galaxy.

Via Lattea white marble, sintered stone by IDYLIUM Mineral Stone


Via Lattea is the new IDYLIUM surface that takes its name from a rare marble from a quarry 700 km from Windhoek, the Namibian capital. This is how IDYLIUM spreads the unique beauty of this natural stone, while protecting the environmental heritage of an ancient and already mercilessly exploited land. To produce IDYLIUM surfaces, indeed, no extractive activity is used.


In the marmoreal white of this surface, all the colors of the universe add up to a pure and fascinating amalgam. A milky white that recalls the white background of the desert Vlei (marshes) characteristic of Namibia.

Via Lattea white marble, sintered stone by IDYLIUM Mineral Stone


The purity of this surface reveals a great personality. The white of Via Lattea is crossed by light veinings, opalescent nuances harmoniously distributed and wisely shaded.


This design results in six different slab variations for a natural and elegant dynamic effect. Going beyond ordinary sintered stone is the mission of IDYLIUM Mineral Stone, the only one capable of achieving the irrepressible variability and extraordinary irregularity of natural beauty.


The slabs are available in different thicknesses: 6, 12 and 20 mm and soon (brand new feature) also in 30 mm.


Especially suitable for:

Every kind of covering, for every kind of environment, from walls to floors, including all the accessories and complements that creativity can imagine. Thanks to its candid color, it is especially suitable for interior applications. In addition to the main solutions for kitchens and bathrooms, it is recommended for the complete covering of island kitchens, the total look of bathrooms (its brightness enhances even the smallest spaces), the covering of large walls or walls with shelves, doors, cabinets, or integrated fireplaces. In the field of hospitality, it reveals a minimalist yet precious intention. It replaces ordinary white with a more refined effect that is immutable over time. It gives life to finely elegant, fresh, and bright spaces.


A velvety and finely opaline touch, through which it is revealed the medium-fine grain characteristic of white marbles.

Elegant and understated glossy effect that highlights the shadows and veining of this surface with strategic gloss points. Obtained by full-field mechanical lapping.