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From its exclusive Mineral Stone to the new Wallpaper Collection, IDYLIUM’s mission is to revolutionize the surface industry, offering a product system at the service of architectural design. 5 stylistic lines, 2 different finishings available, for a total of 15 wall graphics that match with the 42 IDYLIUM Mineral Stone surfaces. A creative polymateric matrix for coordinated interiors of hotels, restaurants and bars, workspaces, retail and public spaces of all kinds, and home environments. With mixes ranging from minimalism to the “WOW” effect.

Discover the new Wallpaper Collection by IDYLIUM

Full customization

For IDYLIUM, which produces Mineral Stone slabs in large format (over 5 square meters/ almost 54 square feet), size is not a problem. The Wallpaper collection was created to support the creative project: small walls, challenging applications, large surfaces. Each graphic is customized and distributed according to the designed layout, without limits of height, width or replicability of the subject. Two different finishings are also available for a different tactile experience and for the chromatic enhancement of some illustrations.








IDYLIUM Wallpapers are delivered in single sheets with progressive numbering (from left to right) according to the desired graphic composition. 

Width of single sheet: 625 mm with +/- 1 mm (2 ft 1/3″ with +/- 1/21″). Height: variable according with the application area (max 40 m/130 ft), supplied with 10-15 cm or 4-6 inches allowance for easy cutting during installation.

All IDYLIUM wallpapers are printed on linen backing (350 g/m2 or 8.3 lb/ft2). Only for some graphics is available a premium, iridescent finishing background (160 g/m2 or 3.8 lb/ft2).

Please refer to the technical specifications for installation. Recommended glue for application: Metylan OVALIT.